Eiji KITAHARA Profile

President of Lydia Corporation
Composer and Arranger
Part-Time Instructor of Osaka University of Arts
Writer on Music Especially Jazz

 Eiji KITAHARA was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. He entered Waseda University and belonged to the Modern Jazz Club and played the alto saxophone. Soon he performed as a professional player during his university days. He studied the jazz theory, and the arrangement theory at ANN School of Music. Then he studied classical music and contemporary music. After graduation from Waseda University, he gave live performances of jazz, live elctronic music for a short period. After that, he turned to a composer and an arranger.
 The first professional composition was a song in the play, "Waga Tomo Hitler, or My Friend, Hitler" written by Mishima Yukio, produced by Shochiku. Other works were music in the radio drama, "Yasei No Shomei, or Proof of Wildness" produced by Nippon Broadcast System.
 Since then, he has written a lot of television and radio program theme songs and CM music. And he founded Lydia Corporation, a music production company. Also, as a music educator, he has been teaching at Osaka University of Arts and he wrote several music theory books. Since 1996, he has regurally written some reviews of new CDs for the monthly jazz magazin "Jazz Life". In addition, he contributed to some music magazines such as "Sax World" and supervised many kinds of music books. One of his latest works is music for the movie "Journey To Mt. Fuji".